At Hiru we want to elevate your ride.

Demanding cyclists deserve the highest performance products

Hiru is born from our rich experience

Drawning from Orca´s technical fabric knowledge and Orbea´s long history of excelence in the cycling world, HIRU brings its own brand of cutting edge, high performance cycling apparel.

As passionate cyclists, only the best is good enough

Unique innovations. New technologies. Higher performance.

Aerodynamics, comfort, waterproofing, heat management or durability. By choosing the highest quality modern materials and accepting no compromises, HIRU improves every ride.

Fitted to your needs

The best materials alone aren't enough if the fit isn't perfect. Elastic materials and clever seams are matched with careful anatomic designs and thousands of hours of testing.

Forged in competition

The highest levels of competition accept no compromise. Here any weakness is quickly discovered and to reach the top must be overcome, no matter how testing the conditions. When you buy HIRU you are buying a product which has been raced and tested by our riders across all diciplines and in all weathers.

Tested on the trail

Real world testing is different from competition, it is more subtle and improvements are identified over countless adventures as the kilometers add up through heat, cold, wind and rain.

Our passionate team and wider family of ambassadors ride thousands of kilometers in every garment during the development process. Many designs and materials don't make it, only those few that do are deemed good enough for HIRU.

Discover new locations and people

Cycling moves us

Shared experiences unite us

We are in your group, with you on the descents, we share your trails.

The highest quality products, made in Europe, matched with the highest levels of service.

Experts in the customization of your equipment for an event, club or group of friends